At Nesetten, innovation is at the heart of everything we do, as we strive to revolutionize the energy sector with groundbreaking technology. Our vision is to provide cutting-edge hardware solutions for decentralized energy systems, ensuring access to energy for those who need it most. Our dedication to innovation aligns with our strong social impact, as our solutions have the potential to improve lives worldwide.

We are also wholly dedicated to environmental sustainability by promoting the use of bio-LNG and cleaner LNG as alternatives to polluting fuels such as diesel and coal. These 3 pillars – innovation, social impact and environmental sustainability – form the foundation of Nesetten’s mission and shape our approach to everything we do.

1. Nesetten as a Deep Tech Startup

Nesetten is classified as a deep tech / hard tech startup, distinguished by its strong emphasis on scientific research and the expertise of its team in this field. Drawing on its deep university legacy and the extensive scientific backgrounds of its founders and team, Nesetten holds a unique position in the market. Our core product is the result of advanced scientific research, representing a significant breakthrough supported by our comprehensive IP strategy. This scientific foundation serves as a formidable barrier to competition and accelerates our go-to-market efforts. Furthermore, Nesetten operates as an Industry 4.0 startup, boasting a fully automated manufacturing process where our staff primarily oversee monitoring and preparation.

2. Nesetten as a Hardware Start-up

In addition to its impressive tech credentials, Nesetten positions itself as a hardware start-up that strategically aligns with the surging demand for technology-enabled hardware solutions. This demand is especially evident in decarbonization initiatives, where innovative hardware is crucial for achieving sustainability goals. With substantial funding flowing into this sector from both private and public sources, Nesetten is leading the way and ready to capitalize on emerging opportunities and drive transformative change.

3. Nesetten as an Impact Start-up

Nesetten’s mission is fully dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and society. Our technology boosts the potential of biomethane, supporting the production of local bio-LNG for fuel use in the region. While we understand the concerns about LNG being a fossil fuel, we see it as a transitional, especially when it replaces diesel or coal to reduce environmental impacts.

Nesetten plays a key role in reducing environmental impacts by helping in the transition from harmful fuels to cleaner options. Our solutions not only focus on sustainability but also aim to improve social well-being, from lifting communities out of poverty to fostering community growth through access to clean energy.

Thus, Nesetten’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond rhetoric and mere words to tangible relevant actions which address current environmental concerns and promote social progress.